Telehealth Therapy

Deciding to seek therapy is challenging.

Your anxiety and stress are at an all-time high. Your depression is heavy and weighing you down on deeper levels than you thought possible.

Yet, you have reservations. One reservation includes being unsure about seeing someone in person. You barely leave the house anymore, and you aren’t sure that going for therapy is a good place to start. Yet, still… you know you need the help!

Perhaps, you are so busy going all day long until you collapse in bed at night that making yourself a priority seems impossible. You failed in the self-care department yet again.

You know you’re slowly losing yourself.

If you don’t find help, however, things will continue to unravel. You won’t be able to put the pieces back together.

Maybe COVID-19 threw your life for a loop, and now you find that everything is different, including your sense of safety and security. Nothing is as it once was, and you are having a tough time finding your grounding again.

You know you need the support. You want it more than ever before.

I have the answer for you.

Telehealth provides an alternative to in-person therapy that helps individuals who want therapy but have obstacles preventing them from seeking therapy.

My telehealth therapy platform provides you with a safe, 100% HIPAA-secure space to meet privately and in the comfort of your own home.

You can address your anxiety, sadness, fears, and life challenges without the added stress of a commute. You can even do so in your comfy clothes with a cup of coffee in hand.

You only need a quiet space to sit and a dependable Internet connection. No need to be “tech-savvy!”

It’s time to try telehealth.

I’m licensed to accept clients virtually over the entire state of Pennsylvania, so please don’t put therapy off a second longer.

You are worth it, and it’s time. It’s likely long overdue. I am here to help and genuinely look forward to receiving your call.

Call me now at (267) 404-5998 for your free 20-minute consultation or to schedule your appointment.