Life Transitions

Life is full of ups and downs.

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and becoming, well, nothing shy of “LIFE.”

An unexpected divorce or losing a spouse or loved one are events you did not plan – and they cause deep pain.

Even planned events are transitions that require adjustments. For instance, your first baby thrusts you into parenthood. Then, before you know it, your last kid leaves for school, and you are suddenly an empty nester. Wow! You adjusted to having them, and now you miss them when they leave.

You face the potential consequences of a job change or move to a completely new area/state. These events bring unsettled feelings.

Life is full of uncertainties.

Many of these uncertainties are stressful!

Being thrust into change, whether by choice or with no permission granted, one thing we can be sure of is that change will happen. And often, complicated emotions accompany change.

Those emotions may be fear or uncertainty about your life after a change. Sometimes, sadness and grief occur when change causes a loss. Some transitions in life can create confusion, especially if you don’t know where the next step will lead.

The mental and emotional energy required to sort through these emotions is intense and can become flat-out overwhelming. These emotions can make processing and decision-making a daunting task.

Dealing with change sometimes requires sorting through options and making decisions considering new circumstances.

Let me help you sort out the change in your life.

Change may be inevitable, yet it can also be a time to discover where you’ve been and where you want to be.

Change provides an opportunity to become more fully in touch with your centered self and discover clarity around the path you will walk next.

Therapy can provide you a safe space to sort through these things and engage in the process of self-discovery and healing.

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