Christian Counseling for Women

You want to honor God’s calling.

You’ve worked so hard to be the kind of woman you feel called to be.

You’re calling, after all, is the whole reason you are here on the earth – to honor and serve God and show others about His love and grace.

Ever since you acknowledged God’s calling for the first time, you’ve remained committed to living a life in service to God and others.

It’s not supposed to be this way…

Despite your desire to remain committed in your faith, you’ve begun questioning your purpose and direction because you can’t get over the sense that you aren’t good enough – at anything.

You can’t tap into that “love and grace” for yourself, let alone share it with others, no matter how hard you try. You feel like you always have something weighing you down and holding you back.

And in turn, you become snappy – irritable – angry – anxious – confused. And it’s as though something keeps whispering in your ear, “Who do you think you are anyway?”

It’s a vicious cycle because you know these are lies, yet they grip you anyway and twist you up in knots.

Everything seems futile.

You feel trapped in a constant cycle of doing more, performing better, trying harder.

But you trip up, creating guilt and regret, topped off with a big wallop of shame.

All efforts seem futile, causing frustration and flat-out pain. You are suffering, your relationships are suffering, and it’s all too much.

Your life has more meaning, and you are more than this cycle. There IS a life of freedom waiting for you.

Break the cycle and find grace.

We invite you to join us in a comfortable, grace-filled setting where we can look at this cycle for what it is, from where it came, and then, we will work on transforming you into the woman you know that God called you to be.

We will begin to uncover your hidden potential to expose the gem that you are and identify your life’s purpose from a whole new vantage point. A vision and sense of life’s purpose are yours not only to experience, but to LIVE.

Our greatest goal is to help lift you up, uncover your unique strengths, and identify your life’s mission.

We will restore your thinking so that it aligns with your God-given identity and strengthen your resources to experience lasting change – a change that breathes freedom.

Don’t spend another day in this vicious cycle of pain and confusion. Call now to begin your gentle yet powerful path to wholeness. The leap of faith will be worth it.