Anxiety and Depression

Nothing changes – each day is dreadful.

The moment you wake up, you dread the day ahead.

Once you were organized and considered yourself accomplished; now it takes all you can muster to organize your thoughts enough to get out the door.

Your shoulders are tense, your stomach in knots, and your brain – it’s as though it’s in a complete fog.

You are constantly second-guessing yourself.

Did you remember to turn the lights out before leaving? You go back and check. Twice.

Wait! Did I lock the door on my way out?

You turn around again.

I can’t believe I overbooked my appointments today – again! 

Now, you scramble to reschedule those on top of everything else.

The voices in your head are shouting at you, “You can’t do anything right…”

Negativity is your new normal.

Where you were once a positive person, now your thoughts seem at war, trying to outdo the other with more negativity.

It’s too much! You can’t do this project and can’t keep doing this day after day.

You’re breaking inside. You feel it, and it is scaring you.

You don’t have what it takes.

Carrying on seems impossible.

So, you stare. It’s a horrible, crippling feeling.

You feel so embarrassed and mortified at your inability to carry on a normal conversation with people or function day after day.

You feel mentally paralyzed. As you look around, everyone else seems fine – except you.

The stress you experience is breaking you down. You no longer recognize yourself, and you feel depleted both emotionally and physically.

It’s time to set things right!

What you are experiencing is anxiety and depression.

Feeling overwhelmed even with the little things in life, losing interest in experiences that used to give you pleasure, and feelings of worthlessness are signs of anxiety and depression, especially if they persist for long periods.

The best way to overcome how you feel and think is to seek therapeutic help.

We can help!

There is help for what you are feeling, and you are in the right place.

While you may feel completely and utterly alone right now, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to feel like that any longer.

There is hope, and we can come alongside you in this fragile state and support you to a stronger, healthier place. We will work with you to uncover the underlying source of these painful emotions and strengthen your ability to cope with life in a completely new way.

You will experience freedom, grace, and peace, and begin the beautiful discovery of your highest, best version of yourself.

You’ve been at this alone long enough. You are ready for a new beginning, and we are here to help. Call us at (267) 585-5765 for your free consultation. It will be an honor to speak with you!