Individual/Family Therapy for Teens

Who is this girl?

You don’t recognize her at all. Where once she was carefree, full of energy, and enjoyed being in your company, she now avoids you like the plague, spending every waking hour isolated. Alone in her room.

Electronics seem to be her best friend, and that makes you worried – really worried! Because she is not talking to you. However, she speaks to some of her friends, yet you worry about that too because they are not friends who make good decisions.

Your daughter’s emotions are all over the board, going from being okay one minute to crying or yelling the next. When you ask her what’s wrong, she emphatically tells you “nothing” and brushes off your attempts to talk.

She rarely smiles anymore and isn’t eating. The best way to explain her behavior is that she is in a dark place, and you don’t know what to do. As her parent, it scares you.

What is she not telling you? Why can’t you seem to reach her?

He is experiencing stress on a whole new level.

As a parent, your teen’s academic and social world has become confusing and is something you don’t fully understand anymore.

Things are so different than when you were an adolescent.

Academic testing has become a mainstay throughout all the grades and somehow your teen has attached their identity to the outcome, creating a ripple effect of anxiety. Stress has seemed to plant itself in your teen’s world and wreak havoc. Social circles are far more complicated and marginalized, and your teen doesn’t know where they fit.

What should be a fun season in life is marked by irritability, isolation and confusion. As much as you try to counter this and create a safe stable environment for them to thrive, your teen is spending far more time alone in his room. Withdrawing into his own world with less connection to others. You can see he is hurting and as the parent, you wonder, “How can I help him feel normal again?” You feel helpless.

You have come to the right place.

Not only do you want to be there for your teen, but you also need to be.

We will guide you in meeting your teen in a way that will foster the relationship you both want.

We will create a safe and confidential space for your teen to vent and share while also respecting the importance of the parent’s role in helping your teen to soar.

Yet, we want to address your teen.

Hey. We’re so glad you’re here. We understand life sucks right now. There’s nothing easy about what you are going through.

It’s hard for you to explain what’s going on in your head, and people don’t understand.

You feel like you’re going crazy, and it’s easier not to bother trying to explain something you haven’t figured out yourself.

It’s confusing, frustrating, and flat-out exhausting. People wonder why you stay to yourself most of the time.

Teen, despite how you feel now, we can help.

You don’t have to go on feeling this way.

We want to invite you to meet with us to learn about you – like the real you – the deep down you.

We want to discover what makes you unique and put my finger on your strengths. Our goal is to help you learn those strengths and own them on a whole new level.

You can feel better. It’s worth giving this a shot. We promise you won’t feel disappointed with the outcome.

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