About Heritage of Hope Counseling

What do you do with all this pain?

Your heart – hurts. A dull, achy kind of hurt, one you can distract yourself from for a while by keeping busy with your to-do list and solving other people’s problems, no doubt. Yet the ache seems to come gnawing back before long.

And your mind? Well, it’s practically on overdrive trying to sort through your internal chaos. After a while, your brain almost collapses in exhaustion. Anxiety rises – and more sadness. It’s all so confusing.

You work hard, present well enough, yet you feel lousy. You keep wondering, “Why can’t I be normal? What on God’s green earth is wrong with me??!!”

Believe it or not, nothing is wrong with you.

Absolutely nothing is wrong. It’s the process of sorting through it all, the chip that malfunctioned. Your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions stem from some place, and it takes courage and effort to get to those roots.

But you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s not for lack of trying. You have worked hard over the years to overcome and accomplish many things.

And you likely have an impressive resume. But it doesn’t feel like that all. You keep coming back to the same thing. How can I finally get past these issues of anxiety, depression, and confusion?

Here’s how…

When we meet, this chaos and confusion will begin to transform into something meaningful and valuable. You will talk; I will listen. Reflection and dialogue start where you are now, with surprising affirmations of strengths you didn’t know or remember you had.

You will experience healthy and gentle challenges, reframing a new perspective that will emerge.

We will develop a roadmap, one in which you are actively a part of creating. I will provide you the blueprint. You don’t have to figure it all out. The space in which all this takes place is safe. That’s imperative to your growth and development.

So, we do this thing – Together. There’s that word again – Together. You’re not alone and should not be alone in this process.