Individual Therapy for Adults

Time doesn’t erase some memories.

It was so many years ago, yet those childhood memories keep surfacing when you least expect them.

You were still a kid. While the world was supposed to hold so much promise, your world felt like a quiet prison. Unspoken but palpable was the tension that filled your home.

The messages you heard and the ones you received were hurtful and confusing. There were unspoken rules that seemed to dominate your family – so much dysfunction – so much ugly that reared its ugly head.

It was unpredictable, but when the outbursts came, they were explosive and damaging and so damaging that the rule of silence and attempt at perfection was your protector. You learned that if only you could cover it by being “good enough,” it would all somehow, maybe turn out okay.

Fast forward to the present.

There’s that pit in your stomach again – a tightening and sickness mixed into one. It’s crippling.

Feeling this way makes you so tired – crushed by the weight of life’s responsibilities. You wish you had more energy, but you feel drained by the thought of moving forward into another day of more of the same.

And the depression… your sadness has taken a whole new dimension. Depression takes over. As much as you want it to go away, it’s like a bad toothache that only gets worse.

People start noticing that you are not yourself, and this makes you feel embarrassed. So, you do what you learned to do so many years ago. You try harder and cover the pain in silence. Yet, it feels like a merry-go-round of trying, failing, shaming, and round and round you go.

And frankly, you’re confused by it all, which is hard because you are used to having a better handle on life. You’ve always been responsible, can keep up, fix things, and take care of everyone – everyone that is, except yourself.

You want to feel “normal!”

But you ask, “What on earth is normal anyway?”

You are typically a go-getter, someone who accomplishes what you set out to do. Yet recently, everything seems to be a chore.

You hate to admit it, but you’re disgusted with yourself.

And you feel alone. So alone. You think, “Can I be normal, whatever that is?”

Where do you go from here?

Connecting with a professional is not only appropriate at this stage; it’s imperative if you want to gain traction on building a powerful and healthy future for yourself. Your past holds important keys to unlocking truth that can shed light on your present.

In our sessions, we create a compassionate, caring space to learn how to uncover your pain from the past safely. We will guide you in understanding your present-day experiences from this vantage point, which will springboard you toward recognizing inner strengths you didn’t fully understand until now.

This momentum develops into a beautiful process of self-care, acceptance, and renewed strength and hope.

Don’t waste another day beating yourself up. Instead, call us today to begin this journey of empowerment and discovery!